Saturday, March 10, 2012

Socially Awesome/Awkward Penguin Vodka

Today we shall turn a socially awkward penguin into a socially awesome penguin. It's not too difficult, but the trick is to find them to covert them in the first place. Luckily I went all Crocodile Hunter on these, and brought them home. Wait... You don't know what a socially awkward penguin is?
That pretty much sums it up for you. Anyways, it's time for the hunt.

I had to capture all of these with a big net. Even in the sub circle of socially awkward penguins, there was a super socially awkward one to the right.
You just have to round them up and throw them in the net. I put an Iceberg vodka bottle next to them, just so they would feel at home.
Next stop is to get them blasted on the potato juice.
Then let them mingle for an hour or two, and that's when they change. That's when they evolve into socially awesome penguins.
As you can see, their socially awkward behavior has been washed away. I'm not going to waste it though, so I decided to give it a shot.
Now I don't want to talk to anyone... Sadness. The vodka comes off with a peach taste. Certainly a different experience. Plus the vodka gummies are also great to eat. If you can be a good sport, and do this in your own home, you probably won't regret it. Unless you drink too much of their awkward juice.

Vodka Penguin Gummies: 4/5
Penguin Gummies Vodka: 4/5

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