Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gummy Worms Vodka

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms. These ones are a little different though, as they are vodka gummy worms. The perfect thing to eat after St. Patrick's Day.
I asked the worms to just chill out, but they wanted to give a shout out to their mom. Losers.

Put them all in a dish. I was starting to run out of them from how many I have on the go right now, so you will not believe it's not a normal container.
Anyways I got them into the dish, and then made it rain. Now they all swam to the surface.
Then I leave them to wait for roughly two hours. It should be enough for them to get all plump, without getting over sticky, like what happened with the coke gummies. I came up with an idea to keep them sweet, but get rid of the sticky factor. It involves a little sugar. Be sure to give them a proper bed to sleep in.
Separate them, and then make it rain again. This time, make it rain sugar.
Of course we can't let the the alcohol go to waste. That would be alcohol abuse. The shot itself worked out well enough. It dissolved a little bit of the worms, making it sweet, but it's not a perfect thing. The gummies itself worked well though, as they filled with the empowering power of vodka.

Gummy Worm Vodka: 3/5
Vodka Gummy Worms: 4/5

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