Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Double Bubble Lollipop Vodka

Remember when you used to go to the doctor as a kid, and then at the end you would get a lollipop after getting a shot? Well this time we're going to take that shot and mix it with our candy.
Grab a back of lollipops. Can be any one. These ones just have gum in the center.

I lined them all up to make my choice a little easier for which ones I was going to use as a test case.
In the end, I went with a grape one. I figure we could use a lot more grape shots.
First you need to trim down the stem. No need to make it too long, otherwise you might need to leave the top off.
This is the perfect size if you want to keep a stem at all. I figure you can use it for stirring it, but then my roommate said the paper would probably dissolve.
So I trimmed it all off. I'm an adult with a Candy Booze website. I make my own choices.
Here it is just relaxing and making a new friend. That friend's name is crippling alcoholism.
After about a day it's all ready to go. As you can see the stem is still there, so you don't really need to trim it down.
Now you just need to remove the gum part from the equation. I could have used a bit more vodka for this drink, but I was running out. It tasted very much like grape, and it masked the vodka quite well.

Grape Double Bubble Lollipop Vodka: 3/5

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